Queens Painless Dentistry

People with terribly decayed teeth have the option to get implants or dentures.

Bringing your kids to the dentist as soon as you see teeth popping out of the gums is perfect timing.

Choosing a dentist who has proper training is easy when you call our office.

Most of the time people who don't see a dentist is because they are afraid of the pain.

People who don't have dental insurance will want to compare pricing on certain dental procedures before they get them done.

Sensitivity to hot or cold drinks is not always a sign of a dental problem unless it persists and gets worse.

Dental plaque is a sticky substance that adheres to your teeth and builds up due to bacteria in your mouth.

People addicted to sugar may end up at the dentist more than people who are not sugar addicts.

The goal of every dentist is to make sure your teeth are in the best shape possible so you can keep them all your life.

If your teeth are too badly shaped, you may need to have crowns put in to replace them.

Coming in for a dental exam will give us the chance to diagnosis anything that may be wrong with your teeth or gums.

TMJ issues with your jaw can usually be helped by wearing a mouth guard at night to prevent grinding of your teeth.

Mouth ulcers or other painful sores due to gum disease or badly fitting dentures should be eliminated as quickly as possible. Smoking is one way to yellow your teeth very fast and it's not good for your health at all.

03/09/17 08:50:08 PM

Anyone you see who has black or yellow in between their teeth has terrible tooth decay that needs attention.

03/08/17 05:46:14 PM

Ultrasonic cleaning of your teeth uses vibrations to clear off tartar and plaque.

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